Passing data from the Action to the JSP

Most commonly used method to pass data from the Action to a jsp page is putting values or objects on the request or session attributes. This operation requires necessarily an up-cast operation in the jsp page to retrieve the data.
JavAjax framework puts in your hands a tag to retrieve the instance of the called Action(s), which will contain the values needed in the jsp.

i.e.: in a method of the action MyAction we want to load a List of beans and pass them to the jsp. This data can be stored at Action class level and be retrieved in the jsp later on.

private List<MyBean> beanList = null;

public List<MyBean> getMyBeans(){
      return beanList;

protected Response myMethod(){
      this.beanList = BeanLoader.loadMyBeans();

This way, bean list is stored on the action, with a getter method to retrieve it.
On the jsp page, the Action can be accessed through the tag "action":

<j:action type="my.package.MyAction" id="myAction"/>

Now the getter method on the action gives access to the data:

List<MyBean> = myAction.getMyBeans();

This way, data can be retrieved in the jsp, without the need of an up-cast operation.